Welcome To Manna's Place!


Good Morning!


Are you excited about the day, dreading the day or somewhere in between?  Is it early morning or has the morning slipped into afternoon?  How does that happen?


 Wow, what a mix life is, isn't it?  Some mornings are just better than others!  Well, there are a few things we can do to make the scale weigh a little heavier on the side of the "excited-about-the-day" days.


 Join me when you can, as often as you can and together I hope that we can gain a little wisdom for the day, courage for tomorrow and strength to move closer to our place of purpose and joy.


 Click the "Manna's Munchies" and in a quick couple of minutes we should have our "caffeine" for the (rest of) the day!


You may contact me with comments or questions at mannasmunchies@gmail.com


Blessings to you....Manna



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