About Us

 One of the benefits of challenging, even painful, times is that they give us a story to tell.  When responded to correctly, pain creates a stronger place from which to live our lives.  If we choose, we can share that strength with others who are going through their own struggles.

Out of that place of strength we live our lives; we help others as we can.  For me, writing is part of that journey.  I put my thoughts on paper (or in your case, the screen) with the hope that what I write will make a difference.  As I begin creating this website, that is my hope.

Of course, as with any website, it will be evolving and we will see where God leads us.

Come visit with me as I take this journey called life.  Adventures are so much more rewarding when they are shared.  My husband says often, "Life is an adventure Darlin'... stick with me!" 

Taking the journey together with family and friends is, after all what God intended.

 Let's go!


                          You may contact us at:  mannasmunchies@gmail.com


                Buchanan Lake—A cold but beautiful day. 

The kindest man, John Williams, of Thunderbird Resort took us on an impromptu tour;   his sweet wife, Donna, made us hot chocolate to take the chill away!  We have yet to meet her!


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