When I am anxious about something or when someone that I love is upset or anxious and there seems to be no clear answer, I sometimes finish our visit with the words… “You and I will pray and…you just ‘Hide and Watch’ ”.

What makes that expression very real to me is that I picture a very small boy peeking around a huge and roughly-barked tree trunk as his Dad puts a long-awaited (but complex) yard set (or bike) together.  The little guy is full of joy and barely able to stay still and quiet, he is so excited.  He is bursting with anticipation because he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will be done well and that at some point that gift will be his!  It never enters his mind that it will be poorly constructed or unfinished or that it will never belong to him.

“Hide and Watch!” speaks volumes to me.

You may want to take time to develop this picture in your mind. It only takes seconds to remember that phrase in connection with our prayers and picture that little boy.  It will give you a strong sense of what it looks like to  hide (rest) in His love for you and yours and to watch (anticipate) with full confidence that He has your best in mind.  This picture can help you to rest better in the knowledge that He is simply taking the time to prepare your heart, the heart of those around you and to prepare your answers well!

We are never perfect at resting while we wait, let alone anticipating while we wait because we are so human and so emotional, but picturing the faith and anticipation of that little boy sometimes helps me to settle down quite a bit because he isn’t fearful or fretting in any way.  He just “knows that he knows that he knows” and...he is excited to see what happens next because he trusts his Dad’s hand and his heart. 

I want to practice trusting the hand and the heart of my heavenly Father who knows, without a shadow of a doubt, what is best for me in every single situation.

“Patience is drawing on underlying forces; it is powerfully positive, though to a natural view it looks like just sitting it out.” Paul Goodman

"For all God's words are right, and everything he does is worthy of our trust. He loves whatever is just and good; the earth is filled with his tender love. He merely spoke and the heavens were formed, and all the galaxies of stars. He made the oceans, pouring them into his vast reservoirs."
Psalm 33:4-7 TLB