Those who trust in God
are like Zion Mountain:
Nothing can move it, a rock-solid mountain
you can always depend on.  Psalm 125 (Message Bible)


I have read that sedimentary rock tends to erode and crumble and when hiking a misstep can send you hurling down the mountain.  Granite, however, is made up of interlocking crystals that give it texture and make it one of the toughest rocks on earth.

Sedimentary reminds me of the word sedentary.  Sedentary people are said to be inactive or “deskbound” .   We know that without exercise our muscles atrophy and our bones actually begin to disconnect and crumble.  With exercise our muscles stay interlocking and strong, as do our bones.  Exercise often works better with a partner or in a group because there is a leader or a coach to guide us.  In addition,  we can help motivate one another, look on and suggest corrections in form, and even physically help one another by, say, holding a partners ankles while she or he does crunches.

With our muscles or with mountainous rock formations, the principle is the same.  It is also the same with our spiritual strength.  Our relationship with God and the resulting growth and strength and our relationship with other believers and the support and encouragement that we give one another, will determine whether our lives reflect interlocking crystals of strength or crumbling sedentary weakness. 

We are developing the beauty and strength of granite or the disconnected weakness of sedimentary rock by the choices we make each day.  It doesn’t take a lot to change our priorities and gain new balance in our lives.  By simply taking the time to develop our relationship with God through prayer, His Word and our obedience to His voice, the beauty and strength of granite will be obvious in the power and strength of our lives and our relationships.