My sister-in-love emailed a comment about having the right perception and I began to think about perspective.  I am becoming more convinced that life is all about balance and balance is all about perspective.  I think the time we get the most upset is when our perspective is out of balance and therefore our emotions, and probably our reactions, are out of balance.  The reactions may only be internal, but internal lack of balance eventually becomes some level of external actions.  

Our Bible study on Sunday (taught by my husband) was Ephesians 6 where Paul talks about putting on the whole armor of God.  I have heard the message many times-I wasn’t anticipating anything new. (Oh ye of little faith!) As I listened, however, my mind ran very quickly through the things I have been worried about. I thought about the struggles and heartaches of friends, kids, grandkids, the economy, decisions without seeming answers and on and on.  (You can see my "list" is very long but probably no longer than yours!) It occurred to me that what we see in front of us and perceive as the problem- is truly not the problem!  The problem is absolutely spiritual.  I was flooded with relief because even though I don't realize it, I spend a lot of time in a senseless inner battle trying to figure out what word or action might help relieve the struggles going on in the lives of those around me. 

But wait!  If the problem is spiritual, then that means the burden of finding the clue to “fixing it” is not on my shoulders.  It is not on your shoulders!  Of course, there are things that God will show us along the way that we can say or do, but there should be no heavy burden or urgency to "find it and fix it".  

If what we see in the physical realm is not the real problem and if our weapons aren’t the earthly ones that we keep trying to use, then we ought to be able to relax a whole lot more.  After all, one of the worst parts of battling a problem is that there is absolutely nothing we can say that is “new under the sun”. Still, out of desperation we keep trying the same old words with a little different twist and expecting a brand new result.  What a release to know that we don’t have to keep wearing everyone (including ourselves) out with the same tired-old weapons!

As I listened to my husband teach the familiar text, it seemed to me that some of our most powerful weapons are silence, thoughtfulness, prayer, submission, God’s word and waiting.  None of these appear to be weapons that are mighty.  But it is our perception that is off and when that happens we lack balance.  We begin to feel desperate and we keep trying the same tired-old weapons.  At some point we run out of ideas and when we do, we get discouraged or angry and even get to feeling hopeless.  Our mighty weapon against that hopelessness is keeping our eyes on God while remembering that it is He who is the author and finisher of all that each of us is becoming. The burden is on His shoulders.  He will guide and grow each of His children and that includes those we love the most.

  Tired-Old Weapon Replacements:

·       Silence…Be still and know that I am God-Psalm 46:10

·       Thoughtfulness…Think on the things that are good an pure-Philippians 4:8

·       Prayer…Pray without ceasing-I Thessalonians 5:17

·       Submission…Submit to God and others in a healthy way-James 4:7, Colossians 3

·       God’s Word…Hide God’s word in our hearts-Psalm 119:9-16

·       Waiting…Wait on the Lord for wisdom and wait on Him for peace.  Psalm 25:5, Psalm 27:14

Isn't He Amazing!