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Getting to know me means getting to know the wonderful man in my life, of course!  He is fun, affectionate and very much a people person.  He is a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and friend.  Best of all, he seeks daily to join God in what He is doing.

This professional photo had just been interrupted by our (grown) son, Glenn, running up behind us and throwing his big arms around us.  Thus the laughter!

The memories of that moment make this one of my favorite pictures.  And by the way, this is our wedding photo.  We celebrate our fifth anniversary on March 7, 2014!

Isn't God good?



Yes, I know, this is an older photo but it is soooooo cute and I couldn't find my updated one.  Upper left is Cole (now 13) who plays soccer like a champion and is learning  guitar.   Holding the baby is Ryan (now 16) a black belt in Karate and will soon be improving his parents' prayer life as he learns to drive. Left bottom is Reece (age 8). He is happy, all boy, and what a sense of humor!  He plays soccer extremely well, and loves his Grandpa dearly.  Serenity (now 5) loves to dance and sing and wear gorgeous outfits.  She is the apple of her Dad's eye and her Mom's little princess.

Here are three of our energetic grandchildren.  The twins are Cassie, who loves pink and  bling and Casie who loves purple and comfy clothes but just a bit of bling.  "Hurry up, mom, let's go ride the horses!"  Bowen  can master any Lego project you offer him with lightening speed. We hope to put lots of miles on our car again this year so we can watch piano, and trumpet performances along with the latest sport!



Ashley is  petite and willowy. My Dad would have called her his "tall drink of water".  Brittany is our petite bundle of energy.We have the joy of living across the street and watching our granddaughters grow up day by day!  Piano, guitar, voice, drama and ministry opportunities are their forte.  Photo and art are a;sp part of the portfolio. 




Kamdyn is the youngest grandchild (the tenth) and maybe a little shy on camera. This might be the one and only place she has a shy streak!  She is very warm and outgoing, has a beautiful smile and (yes) her hair is naturally curly.    She is bright, energetic, affectionate and loves to have us read "The Big Red Strawberry" to her.  She is ever ready to make a new friend! 







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